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Lovely Teens

Young sexy girls taking their clothes off, getting ready for private affairs that might should have been confidential. This is a category for those surfers who appreciate the youngest, most fertile and sexiest girls on the planet. Private stripping, teen masturbation, posing and fun, but not so much hardcore sex in this category. These girls are too hot for their clothes. ENTER

Girl Next Door

Our definition of the girl next door is that she is not a famous model. The girls in this category are very ordinary girls, enjoying their sex life. This is pretty much like seeing your own female friends and class mates getting undressed. In some cases the pictures and films are too obviously made of amateurs, but some are also of surprisingly good quality. These girls have a lot of fun; Masturbating in bed, sinking down into the hot tub, getting fucked in the shower... ENTER


In this category you will see girls doing the splits, showing a wide open... mind and great enthusiasm for... sport. Tennis babes bending forward, letting the wind take the shirt. Oh, did I forget to put on pants today? The wind is playing with my pussy hair. Feels good. Sporty girls are so sexy. Sport is great entertainment, so why not ENTER


The wettest pussies are revealed in this category. Horny girls get intense orgasms and enjoy female ejaculation. These girls love sex and masturbation and are so horny that they can't stop before they gush out in loud screaming orgasms. Some of these squirting girls also have multiple orgasms, gushing over and over again. They squirt all over the place after masturbation. While having sex, they squirt your dick totally wet. ENTER

A Trip to Asia

Get on the plane, land in Tokyo, Bangkok or another destination in the far east. See wonderful cities, beaches and bush. Beautiful bush. Cute bush. Asian girls with cute small tits and long dark lovely hair lead you through the most exotic erotic adventures in this category. What about a hot nude Asian girl on a warm, beautiful sunny beach with white fine-grained sand? ENTER

Gothic Mysteries

Welcome to the dark underworld of forbidden fruit. This is not the right place for you if you are afraid of death, and perhaps not the right place for any living soul. Caught in the dark spells of gothic fashion and vicious female attraction you may never be able to get out of here. Think before you enter this category, cause it may just be that this is a one way drive and that the bridges behind you will be burned down, making it impossible for you to return when you realize that this choice has twisted your mind. ENTER

Middle Aged Women

When girls round 30, they start getting a lot more sexual appetite. Some men even experience that their innocent girlfriend they have known for years turns into a sexual animal that never can get enough satisfaction. These girls have lots of sexual experience. They know how to handle your dick the right way, and they sure also need that joystick to be happy. So, in this category, you will find a lot of wild sex in a rich amount of variations. ENTER

Do Me from Behind

This category is not about anal sex. It's the doggy style pussy penetration we're talking about here. Whenever a girl is bending forward, standing on her feet or on her knees, you may feel how tempting it is to just plug it inn, hold around her tits and do her all that you can. On films, you can sometimes see girls getting shagged from behind while their big tits are swinging back and forth. Tit swinging is good for you. So, from behind, ENTER

The Act

In this category, they're doing it. As simple as that. Girls riding cock so that their tits are bouncing up and down. Girls being banged in missionary position. Doggy style sexual intercourse. One man, one woman, having sex in several positions. All girls like to have their pussy penetrated now and then. Here is where it happens. Hardcore sex movies and pictures enjoyable for men and women. ENTER

Natural, with Hair

On this website you will find lots of clean shaved pussy, but not in this category. The mount of Venus and the tempting pussy will always be hairy in here. How much hair a girl has got around her sexual organs may vary, but some bush there will sure be. Your job is to push her in the bush. Did you know that girls get better sexual feelings with hair? Their hair stimulates their sexual organs and helps to give them orgasm. These girls are also natural in other ways; Not much make up, piercing or tattoos. Just natural girls. ENTER

African Heat

If your opinion is that Black is Beautiful, then this is the category for you. These girls give you the true feeling of real African heat. There is also some nice sunshine in this category, and outdoor sex. We're not in Africa all the time, in all honesty. African girls who live in America, or in other parts of the world, also take part in the joy of what we call African heat. Hot girls. Hot sex. ENTER

In the Forest

Beautiful nude girls in the beautiful forest. And sometimes secrets going on deep into the forest where you are lucky if you are at the right place at the right time. Cause when girls believe they are alone, they may have sexual pleasures in nature, all by themselves. Now, of course, the forest is also a classic place for lusty couples, who just need to make out, somewhere discreet. ENTER


Walking along the river is always nice during warm summer days. These girls may lay down for a tan, and you can watch them take their clothes off in the sun. They may get the idea to go for a swim in the river, nude. This a warm summertime category with beautiful girls in nature, as nature intended them. Wet tits, wet hair, wet summer dreams, wet pussy hair... ENTER

Flashing in the Streets

Naughty girls flashing their tits and pussy in the street without being noticed. This sport goes on right behind the back of ignorant pedestrians. Watch out, because the girl you just passed may turn around and show off her private parts in public! And you missed it all because you didn't turn your head as you should do when you see a beautiful, sexy girl on the street. ENTER

Lesbian & Gay

Lesbian girls. Great entertainment for lesbian girls (surprise), but also for men (big surprise). These girls like to masturbate each other, and they like to use dildos. They enjoy kissing and they like to lick pussy and to give each other orgasm by fingering and licking. In the gay section they do what everybody knows about. Some sets with single men who enjoy having a hard on, some having a good time in the shower. ENTER LESBIAN   ENTER GAY

For the Ladies

In this category made for our female readers, good looking men and muscle men show up, sometimes together with a girl, somtimes alone. You will see romantic pictures, some erotic material and real good sex. Also, there are talented striptease which is really good entertainment for women. Male equipments and firm butts are not sensored. ENTER

Other categories

There are many other categories inside; Sex toys in use (horny girls with dildo you will se a lot of in that one), one category is devoted to large pictures and one to videos only. Also, there are many other places to go to than those mentioned above, like the office, the studio, the beach, the mountain, the swimmingpool, the boat, the bedroom and more. ENTER

The main category

Last, but not least, let's not forget the main category! This category has many pages with so much sexy stuff it's hard to describe. Hot girls posing nude, couples having sex, masturbation, girls using speculum, girls in the shower, sexy lingerie, tit fucking, girls sucking dick, hot blondes, sexy brunettes, small tits, big tits, huge tits, outdoor sex, home made videos, beautiful models, mid-life women, Latin girls and more. ENTER is made to be comfortable, with natural sex without the kind of pervert material that tends to disturb the visitors. The girls are natural, the sex acts are natural and the beauty of sex and sexy posing girls is made to enhance the love of sex, and women and men as sexual beings. shows beautiful nude teens, lovely girls with beautiful faces, well shaped tits and sexy bodies. That is, however, not the aim of the site. also shows middle aged women, the "girl next door" that is not a model, ordinary men and women with the idea that sex should be a lovely part of every adult person's life. focuses on natural tits, without silicon; Small tits, medium sized tits, big melon boobs and huge tits. This is a site for men who like to see tits of all sizes, but only natural tits.

The ads on is made to enhance the experience, not to annoy or disturb the visitors. Some pages has one advertisement on the bottom of the page, but that is only the kind of advertisement that you will appreciate because it leads to more material of the kind that you want, and the ads are not disturbing. Even surfers who normally hate ads will appreciate these ads. They lead to websites with the kind of sexy girls and the kind of films and photos that you are just watching on that particular page. The site lives up to it's domain; Free Sex.

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